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Avanda Group specialises in property development in New Zealand, with a focus on quality, sustainable and modern housing developments that add value and appeal to Auckland and New Zealand communities. As a large-scale property developer in New Zealand, Avanda Group is proud to partner with local councils, top architects, property development and engineering consultants to combat current housing shortages throughout New Zealand.

Avanda Group is currently working on a number of exciting housing development projects throughout New Zealand. Our goal is to build safe, strong, connected, and vibrant communities for all New Zealanders.

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West Edge Stage 1 Update

West Edge Stage 1 Update

We’re really pleased that the Block D final Council inspection passed on Saturday.  This means that all of the construction is complete on the West Edge Stage 1 site.

We are still waiting on a few more things, like landscaping sign off and issue of titles, but it won’t be long before the last owners of this stage are in their new homes.

Mingyang has done a great job, even taking the Saturday Council inspection bookings at the loss of some of his weekends. Thanks Ming, we appreciate your diligence.

About Avanda

Avanda Group is a local property developer dedicated to building quality, sustainable and modern homes for the community. Made up of experienced experts in the New Zealand property development/construction, the AVANDA team is proud to partner with local councils, top architects & consultants and other stakeholders to combat the current housing shortage.

Avanda is currently working on a number of exciting residential housing projects.