Our vision for building better communities with property & housing development based in Auckland, New Zealand

The team at Avanda Group is passionate about partnering with communities to build vibrant neighbourhoods where New Zealanders can feel happy, secure and connected.

We aim to do this by combining our expertise in all areas of property development, including planning and construction, valuation, brand marketing, and stakeholder engagement. We place a strong emphasis on health and safety for all site workers to achieve a goal of zero harm. We care about our communities, the environment, and making sure there is a place for every New Zealander to call home.

Avanda National Acquisition Manager - Alan Ye

Alan Ye

National Acquisition Manager
Antony Geddes

Antony Geddes

South Island Development Manager
Dawn Li

Dawn Li

Quantity Surveyor
Fran Lee

Fran Lee

Project Administrator
Project Manager - Joe Holden

Joe Holden

Project Manager
Avanda HR & Office Manager - Maree Stevenson

Maree Stevenson

HR & Office Manager
Avanda Site Assistant - Mingyang Yang

Mingyang Yang

Site Assistant
Neo Wang - Executive Assistant - Development and Construction

Neo Wang

Executive Assistant - Development and Construction
Quantity Surveying Manager - Ranjay Dutt

Ranjay Dutt

Commercial Manager
Riki Rowe

Riki Rowe

Quantity Surveyor
Rob Preston

Rob Preston

South Island Construction Manager
Avanda Company Secretary - Sharon Mo

Sharon Mo

Corporate Secretary
Avanda Administrator - Sisi Ying

Sisi Ying

Avanda General Manager - Weiming Li

Weiming Li

General Manager
Avanda Director - William Guo

William Guo

Avanda Project Manager - Winson Tan

Winson Tan

Project Manager
Avanda Group Accountant - Xin Zou

Xin Zou

Group Accountant

Health & Safety

Avanda Group is committed to a policy enabling all work activities to be carried out safely with all possible measures to remove or reduce risks to the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors, authorised visitors and anyone else who may be affected by our operations.

We are committed to ensuring we comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and applicable codes of practice, the Health and Safety Regulations 1995 and AS/NZ Standards, as far as possible.

We seek the cooperation of all workers, contractors, suppliers and visitors. We encourage suggestions for creating a safe working environment and realising our Health and Safety objective of zero harm.

Careers at Avanda


Avanda Group is a growing business and we are looking for the right people to join our team. We have a range of exciting development opportunities in Auckland and Christchurch. If you have big ambitions in the property development and construction industry and are interested in working with Avanda Group, please contact Maree Stevenson at maree.s@avanda.co.nz.


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