29 November 2017

Onehunga Bay Terraces Opening Ceremony


On 16 Nov, 2017, Avanda Group gathered onsite to celebrate the milestone of starting construction of Onehunga Bay Terraces. Avanda Group have appointed Orient Construction as the main building contractor for the development and the two teams gathered for this great event. Morning tea, supplied by Onehunga Café, was enjoyed by everyone after a commencement speech given by Onehunga Project Manager Joe Holden.

Avanda Group GM Weiming Li, Avanda Group Project Manager Joe Holden, Orient Construction Director Luke Zheng and Avanda Group Director William Guo

Project Manager Joe Holden welcomes the teams to the Onehunga Bay Terraces development site

Avanda Group and Orient Construction gather to celebrate the milestone of starting construction on Onehunga Bay Terraces





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