Airfields Construction Update: December 2019

Posted 1 Dec '19

Lots 1 - 8 are progressing well with the exterior cladding all officially completed. Next steps include the undertaking of internal painting and exterior drainage, which we expect will be finished in the very near future.

With regards to lots 10 - 15 and lots 24 - 26, we are working with the council and architects to finalise working drawings, namely including checks of all final required sign offs so we can continue on with this momentum. This is likely to be achieved before Christmas, so rest assured during the holiday break that your new build will be well underway.

As we strive to meet each milestone at a consistently efficient and effective pace, we are getting closer to achieving the end goal - a brand new, quality built home.

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West Edge Stage 1 Update

West Edge Stage 1 Update

We’re really pleased that the Block D final Council inspection passed on Saturday.  This means that all of the construction is complete on the West Edge Stage 1 site.

We are still waiting on a few more things, like landscaping sign off and issue of titles, but it won’t be long before the last owners of this stage are in their new homes.

Mingyang has done a great job, even taking the Saturday Council inspection bookings at the loss of some of his weekends. Thanks Ming, we appreciate your diligence.

Sales Suite open @ Crown Lynn Yards

Our new Sales Suite opened last weekend, and we think it’s looking pretty good!

Come in on Saturday or Sunday between 11 and 12 for a chat with Harry and check out the plans – it could be the next step to your new home

You’ll find more information on the CLY website


Crown Lynn Yards Update

Crown Lynn Yards, the second stage of our New Lynn project, had some great progress in March.

Resource consent and  the EPA have been granted (this is a big deal for us) and building consent lodgements have commenced. 

Civil and underground works have started – construction of underground services are underway and the first platforms for terraces almost complete. It is important that we get these works finished before the winter rain sets in.

It won’t be too long before construction is really visible on the site.