Sunshine on the Onehunga bay terraces!

Posted 8 Dec '18

The summer season has approached again, and the Onehunga Bay Terrace project is gradually coming to a conclusion. Now, people can safely visit the construction site and see their new home up close.

Recently, a lot of people have visited the showroom. Electrical appliances, a kitchen, a bathroom, along with other materials are available on display. People can also use our VR to experience a virtual version of what stepping into their new home would feel like.

If you are interested in visiting the construction site or the showroom, please contact Sheryl Todd on 021 222 6308 to book a site visit.

Visit our display suite at 22 George Terrace, Onehunga.

Open home starts from 12pm – 2pm Monday to Friday and 12pm – 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

For more information please visit our website




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