Westedge Construction Update 2018

Posted 8 Dec '18

Dear Westedgers,

It is hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. We would like to wish you and your family a very safe and happy Christmas.

The construction team will also take a break from 23rdof December and resume on the 3rdof January 2019. Here are the block by block update for the period:

A Block

Cladding has been progressing well with half the blocks with completed cladding, All brickwalls and balcony completed.

All roofs, aluminium windows and doors have been installed. All internal services including data cables, electrical wiring and plumbing pipes have been installed. The internal linings installation is not far away.

The team will be focusing on the rest of the cladding work and internal lining in the next stage.

B Block

All external cladding is done, the scaffolding came down.

Some of the units have internal linings, some are still being installed.

A few units have started the Gib stopping work.

The team working on B block will be focusing on the internal work including internal lining installation and Gib stopping and painting work in the next stage.

C Block

All intertenancy walls up to 2nd level have finished. Framing work is well underway. All structure steels were also installed.

The team for block C will focus on the framing and truss work in the next stage.

D Block

Previously we reported that D block design amendments were being peer reviewed by engineers (not the one who did the design) and we would submit to council for approval once review is complete.

The drawing has been submitted to the council, but it takes longer than we thought to have the sign off from the council.

We have contractors lined up for D block, as soon as the design drawing is approved by council the work will start straight away. We expect this will happen in January 2019.

E Block

E is progressing very well.

Cladding for all E block is completed. Scaffolding will come down soon after completion of external painting, frequent rains and weather has affected painting works.

Internal service work was also done including internal doors, data cables, wirings and plumbing.

The next stage will be Internal lining installation。

Kind regards

Team Avanda

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